Registration Enrollment :: Registration SummarySeptember 23, 2014 

Registration Summary
Kennesaw State University
Fall Semester 2012
May 23, 2012

Bagwell College of EducationClassificationRegistrationsCredit Hours
Dean-College of Education (DED)   
 Graduate (Master's)32201
Early Childhood Education (ECE)   
 Graduate (Master's)16
Educational Leadership (EDL)   
 Graduate (Master's)1896
Inclusive Education (INED)   
 Graduate (Master's)639
Middle Grades Education (MGE)   
 Graduate (Master's)52419
Coles College of BusinessClassificationRegistrationsCredit Hours
Dean-College of Business (DBS)   
Econ. Finance & Qual. Analysis (ECON)   
Graduate Business (MBA)   
 Graduate (Master's)1951,269
Information Systems (IS)   
Management & Entrepreneurship (MGT)   
Marketing / Professional Sales (MKT)   
School of Accountancy (ACC)   
College of Health & Hum SerClassificationRegistrationsCredit Hours
Dean-Coll of Health & Hum Ser (DHH)   
Health, PE & Sport Science (HPS)   
 Graduate (Master's)1393
Nursing (NURS)   
 Graduate (Master's)10102
Social Work & Human Services (HUMS)   
 Graduate (Master's)44475
College of Hum & Soc SciClassificationRegistrationsCredit Hours
Communication (COMM)   
 Graduate (Master's)13
Cultural and Regional Studies (CRS)   
 Graduate (Master's)1378
Dean-Coll of Hum & Soc Sci (DHS)   
 Graduate (Master's)14
English (ENGL)   
 Graduate (Master's)61344
Foreign Languages (FL)   
Geography & Anthropology (AG)   
History / Philosophy (HIST)   
Political Science & Int'l Aff. (POLS)   
 Graduate (Master's)63402
Psychology (PSY)   
Sociology and Criminal Justice (SCJ)   
 Graduate (Master's)730
College of Science & MathClassificationRegistrationsCredit Hours
Biology & Physics (BIOL)   
 Graduate (Master's)18
Chemistry and Biochemistry (CHEM)   
Computer Science (CSIS)   
 Graduate (Master's)20129
Mathematics (MATH)   
 Graduate (Master's)46310
College of the ArtsClassificationRegistrationsCredit Hours
Dean-School of the Arts (DAA)   
School of Art and Design (ART)   
School of Music (MUSI)   
Theatre & Performance Studies (TPS)   
No College DesignatedClassificationRegistrationsCredit Hours
Undeclared Department (0000)   
 Joint Enrollment1861,997
 Unclassified Undergraduate--Transient566
University CollegeClassificationRegistrationsCredit Hours
First Year, Transition Studies (FYP)   
University Studies (UNST)   
Totals 15,288177,721

Registrations by Admit and Student Type
Student TypeNewReturning
Developmental Studies Student 0 0 0 0
Early Admission Student 0 0 0 0
Learning Support Freshman 0 33 0 0
New Freshman 232 272 0 0
Non-Traditional Student 1 0 0 0
Total Freshmen23330500
LSP Transfer Freshman 0 0 0 0
Limited Transfer Student 0 0 0 0
Transfer - Freshman 2 5 0 0
Transfer Student 0 1 0 0
Total Transfer2600
Auditor 3 12 0 0
Dual Enroll Honors Program-Jr 19 15 0 0
Dual Enroll Honors Program-Sr 175 153 0 0
Post-Baccalaureate/Non-Degree 0 1 1 1
Transient Student 2 5 0 1
Total Other UG19918612
Full Graduate 15 19 0 1
Graduate Non-Degree 0 0 0 0
Graduate Transient 0 0 0 0
Provisional Graduate 0 0 0 0
Total Graduate151901
Note: This table contains specific student and admission types, so the total will not match the total of the number of registrations.

Registrations by Classification
Freshmen 2,068 2,085
Sophmore 3,326 3,476
Junior 3,644 3,955
Senior 4,738 4,952
Joint Enrollment 207 186
Transient 2 5
Auditors 12 21
Graduate 526 608